Gatekeeper Chronicles

April 25, 2017

Well, officially into my second week here at Sweet Home Productions! Since the last time I’ve talked to you guys, I have:

  • Had a photo shoot in a hard hat
  • Got my own business cards
  • Finally noticed the plant in my office
  • Organized a video competition with the OneontaHUB app
  • Tackled the chaotic paperwork which involves many extreme headaches

The photoshoot with the hard hat was for a client that provides electrical supplies to contractors, but who is looking to attract the average Joe to his store. Although this isn’t the picture he chose, I think it’s the real winner of the series:


It’s got excitement, fire, distant places, danger- doesn’t it just shout, “BUY ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES!”

Maybe not, but it’s a work of art in any case.

If anyone else is interested in fiery volcano/construction advertising, here’s my snazzy business card:

business card

This is the plant I’m responsible for keeping alive.

plant 1





He’s a swell guy, kind of balding on top but otherwise he really gives me support when I’m digging through the files-

filing cabinetsIn these guys. We have contracts from the future of 2018 for some reason…..

*cue Twilight Zone music*

My theory is that such a dense amount of chaos spawned a worm hole, giving us access to contracts we haven’t even signed yet…..



……. Or someone just dated it wrong…….

Lastly, the video competition for the OneontaHUB Facebook page is pretty cool. There are four recorded sound clips and they sound absolutely ridiculous. The goal is to have people post links to videos they make about these clips. It’s a fun little project that friends can do together and win some cash! Here’s the link to the sound clips, guys- let’s get creative!



So, it’s been an interesting week….. let’s see if I can keep up!


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