Gatekeeper Chronicles

April 26 & 27, 2017

What a beautiful couple of days! I’m sure everyone has been jonesing for a little sunshine after the recent rainy weather. And I got to be out in it! Walking up and down Main Street passing out the Sweet Home Savings flyer. A little sun does wonders for the attitude.

ESPECIALLY when the entire morning is spent alphabetizing HUNDREDS of contracts, after of course I organized them into the correct year.


But even the paperwork makes the day go by fast.

Despite my introverted nature, I actually really enjoy meeting local business owners. They’re always happy to accept flyers or articles- I hardly even have to explain what I’m doing there. And there are sometimes perks:IMG_1768

Like this HUGE rabbit I found at Finn and Feather.

This is only the second time I’ve handed flyers and such out, but people are already starting to recognize me. A lovely way to spend an hour.

I’m also able to do more writing than I expected- and not just for the blog. I’ve been writing descriptions on website pages and many social media posts.

On the 27th, I spent an hour in the Marketplace on Chestnut for mattertags for the 3D tour. That place is so HUGE and they have so many cool things. They’re an antiques shop and they have stuff ranging from Persian rugs to Adirondack antiques to vintage clothing to boats to antique beds. And a whole bunch of stuff in between. And they had a little table set up with cookies and apple juice. That’s the dream business right there. They were actually telling me about how when they first opened up 32 years ago they were going to be an art gallery, but that hadn’t worked out. Isn’t it sad that art is a luxury? People love to look at it but….

It is a lot of fun meeting business owners and learning about how they started.



This is the front entry display of the Marketplace. I grew up right down the road from a buffalo farm. That big ol’ head makes it feel like home.

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