Gatekeeper Chronicles

May 2, 2017       


It’s already May! And what a way to start off the month with that crazy storm Monday night and all this rainy weather.

Three weeks in- I sent out my first batch of invoices today. Turns out, this is your brain on paperwork-











Besides that, there are a lot of fun moments. I’m really getting to know Oneonta, and explore some cool places. I talked about the Marketplace on Chestnut last week, but I’ve also now been inside The Underground Attic on Main St and the Wilber Mansion- and the little studio behind Wilber Mansion. Not to mention the dozens of places I’ve passed out flyers in.

underground attic


The Underground Attic is the most adorable little boutique; the kind you would expect to see in the city, with vintage clothing and gorgeous interior decorating. There are actually a few of these types of shops in Oneonta that I never even knew about!

underground attic1

wilbur mansion



And the Wilber Mansion, where CANO (Community Arts Network of Oneonta) is centered, may just be one of the most interesting places in Oneonta. And the people there are just lovely. They were telling me about the sip and sculpt event that’s going to take place later on in the month, which will involve lots of wine and pottery wheels, and it sounds like a blast. I’ll definitely be talking more about that!

IMG_1856I’m even getting more used to calling people, however it’s made easier due to the fact that 85% of people never answer their phones.

I think it should be professionally acceptable for businesses to communicate over text message. That way you can see for sure that they got your message and that the correct information is conveyed. And of course you wouldn’t have to talk to anyone.

And that would be a great app for business owners- like a business IM.

At the end of each day we do have a little “show and tell” time, all of us in the office. It’s pretty cool seeing the websites and apps everyone is working on, and how quickly they can just punch an html code in and change something on a website. It’s a nice little way to build office camaraderie.

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