Gatekeeper Chronicles

May 9, 2017

It’s been quiet here, for me at least. I’ve mostly been focused on trying to get in touch with people on the phone. That usually involves leaving the same message on a countless number of answering machines, having people tell me “this week/next week is no good, call back,” and “no we aren’t interested.” It’s getting to the point where every appointment I book is a total rush. I have been able to rassle down a few…

  • I’ve also edited some online menus and made boatloads of Facebook posts.
  • My picture was officially added to the company website page.








  • And I got to stare at my own face some more as it’s used for an electric supply company. I had to dress like my alter ego, “Lucy,” today, in the same outfit you see in my jungle shot below. I met the people at the electric supply company and got some great shots of me looking at light bulbs. That’ll definitely be an interesting commercial….

At least I got this totally radical pic of me in the jungle:

Amore_JungleOne of these days I’ll have my own set of playing cards from these pictures.

Lava Amore trumps Rainforest Amore, that’s a given.


I definitely have learned about some interesting places I want to stop by. HannieBee Lane Boutique on Main Street looks adorable. I have noticed that one before but I’ve never gone inside. That and The Underground Attic are my Saturday plans.

Also, I update a menu weekly online for Soda Jerks, over in West End Oneonta. They have a great gluten-free menu, and my mom is celiac, so that’s on my list of places to try out.

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