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May 11, 2017

Earlier this week I went over to Nina’s Restaurant with Mark to see what kind of matterport tags they wanted included in their 3D tour. The 3D Tour stuff is probably my favorite to work on. I like getting the business owner’s perspective on what they consider the most worthwhile information for their customers to know. For instance, at Nina’s he wanted it included by the kitchen that they don’t pre-make anything, or freeze anything- everything is made to order.

ninas kitchen

These are some of the other ones I added that I liked:

Ninas barNinas counter


I can’t wait until we do the 3D Tours of the churches. This sort of technology is perfect for that type of beautiful, vast structure.

There’s also been talk of starting a Kickstarter campaign to try to make 3D tours for every shop on Main Street, which would be super exciting. It would also serve as a little demo model of a virtual shopping town. Imagine being able to stroll (or scroll, haha- my attempt at computer puns) into every store on Main Street right from your phone!


Some other news: Sweet Home Productions is hiring! We’re looking for someone who knows their way around web design and is able to learn how to use other technologies, including app design, 3D recording, etc. Spread the word!


Later today I’m going over to CANO to record their matterport tags for their 3D tours. A little art in the afternoon? Don’t mind if I do!

And it was absolutely beautiful. Three exhibits created by different women, titled “Maternal Matters,” “Crewel Embroidery,” and “Portraits of Women.”

The Portraits of Women exhibit included beautiful paintings of women, and in the description was the name and occupation of the subject.

Swee Peck



This is Swee Peck, Biology researcher, UC Berkeley, Harvard PHD, and mother.


I love how Nancy Gossett is able to beautifully capture these ordinary women, women whom anyone might dismiss if they passed them on the street, but then by declaring their accomplishments and capabilities, make them grow beyond themselves and glow with an inner strength.


FullSizeRender copy 2


This is Lynne, an engineering geologist and a mother. And the style of this painting, with the layers on layers of colors that make it all up, it’s breathtaking. From a distance you can see the whole, but moving closer reveals this complex painting made up of individual strokes.






FullSizeRender copy 3

This is Wean, in the Maternal Matters Exhibit created by Suzanne Schireson and Carrie Mae Smith. It’s bold and moving and I don’t know if they meant to, but I love the way it seems to mock the “taboo” of the nipple on the woman by covering hers but having a nipple in the background by her head. The small handprint on her breast is powerful as well.







These are some of the crewel embroidery that is on display, created by Mayumi Sarai. The time, patience, and dedication spent as she created layers on layers of embroidery… the painstaking attention to detail is beautiful. She created these after moving from the city to the country and noticing nature on a closer, more personal in a way she hadn’t before. I can relate to that, and admire the media.



FullSizeRender copy

Then there were some very interesting examples of birthing chairs, like this:

Reclaimed by Douglas Fir.

birthing chair 1



birthing chair 2

The Miraculous Palermo, 15th century Italy, composed of plywood and hinges


CANO also has some cool stuff going on, like the Writer’s Salon next week where members of the public are welcome to read their work. They have EcoArt coming up in a couple weeks, and then some big events planned for June.

And they’re always looking for volunteers to host the events! You’re sure to meet the coolest people.


My next matterport tag adventure will probably be the Cottage Day Spa, which I’ve heard is pretty interesting, from my coworker who shot the 3D tour footage.

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