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May 26, 2017

            Is it really the end of May already? Although I could not BE more excited for a three-day weekend, even if it is supposed to be dreary and rainy for the next couple of days.

            Lots has happened here- we’ve done 3D tours for Razzle Dazzle, the Unitarian Universalist Society, and the Cottage Day Spa. You have to check them out at

            Razzle Dazzle has such a variety of cute, aesthetically pleasing gizmos and whatsits and home décor items. It’s a store that I bring my friends into when they visit as we’re walking down Main Street, and they’re always endlessly entertained. The 3D tour of Razzle Dazzle has these great little interactive videos that tell you about her products.






            As I was getting the matterport tags for the Cottage Day Spa 3D model, I was seriously tempted to just let myself fall into the comfort and tantalizing pampering that the massage tables, the hair salon, and the nail services promised. Walking into the building you’re immediately put at ease, your blood pressure drops, and you just want to make yourself at home. They offer such a large variety of massages that, as someone who hasn’t experienced the magic of a spa before, it would be incredibly difficult to choose the best one. They even have a charming little tailor shop with the amazing name of “The Golden Dragonfly.”

cottage day soa



            And we’re beginning the 3D tours of the churches! As I was getting in touch with the ministers and pastors to set up a time for the shoot, it was heartwarming to hear how excited the responses were. This is something the entire congregation of these churches can enjoy together, and it’s a great way to welcome newcomers who are searching for a community. And as I’ve mentioned before, there’s something beautiful about being able to appreciate the stained glass windows and arches of these magnificent structures. So far we’ve completed the tour for the Unitarian Universalist Society, that lovely little stone church on Ford Ave.




             Scheduled for Tuesday, the 30th is the Red Door Church, the First United Presbyterian Church on Walling Ave. I had no idea, but they share their worship space also with the Quakers and the Christian Scientists. I didn’t grow up in a particularly religious household, but I think that it’s uplifting that different sects are able to worship in one space.

red door church

         Aside from the 3D tours, the new Everything Oneonta directory is coming out in a month and half or so. Mark asked me to include a written piece, titled, “The Art Of,” with the goal of capturing what makes these small business owners different from chain and warehouse stores- how what they do and the process and motives behind it is art.

        Art itself is a broad notion. I’m quick to add anything into the category of art as it all depends on how you think about it. I hope to include businesses like Artware, who provide the means for others to create and can facilitate the process with knowledge; the Decker School of Ballet, which gives the gift of classical dance to young minds; and possibly the Northern Eagle Hop Processing Co., who are continuing a tradition of brewing that dates back to the Agricultural Revolution, and who are still perfecting their hops for the best possible brew.

         Art, defined, is “The expression of application of human creative skill and imagination.” These business owners are not only putting their very selves and passions into their life’s work, but their processes and the care and attention that goes into planning what they do and how they do it can differ from anywhere else- and that’s art.


       And while we’re on the subject, CANO’s EcoArt exhibit is opening tonight from 5-8! I’ve done a little bit of eco art myself, for school projects and otherwise. I love the idea of recycling, a crucial act that can help our planet’s growing climate change and ecosystems, being framed as art. It’s the act of taking something that is harmful and wasteful and ugly and turning it into something thought provoking and fulfilling. I hope to attend myself!

       The Mansion Show exhibit is also opening next Friday, with the theme of “Resist” in which artists may use their own interpretation of the theme: political, personal, formal or otherwise. I’m expecting some powerful pieces.

ecoartmansion show


Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Don’t forget to visit the “Wall that Heals,” the Vietnam Veteran Memorial at Neahwa Park.

the wall

the wall memorial day

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