Gatekeeper Chronicles

April 18, 2017


Day Two.

Mission: Contact a client about the mattertags he wants in his store before he goes on vacation tomorrow.

Status report: Two messages left, one unsuccessful visit. Will try again after lunch. Will try not to feel too much like a stalker.

It’s strange to have to try to track people down.

It’s also very strange to spend hours on social media at work- and get paid for it!

I’m definitely a fan of technology; the number of conveniences it allows is pretty great and it’s only ever improving and growing and expanding. But I’m also someone who doesn’t update their status or profile picture on Facebook for months at a time and who actually had to make a Twitter and Instagram just for this job. I guess it’s time to stop living under a rock!

So, another nifty little thing I’ve learned about is this app that not only allows you to order online, but it has coupons to local businesses. I may have graduated college but I still have the diet of a college kid, and this includes lots of pizza, sushi, and a “healthy” amount of alcohol. And boom, boom, boom- Nina’s, Tokyo, and Pyramid Liquor coupons with the touch of a finger. I’m honestly not just promoting this because it’s my job- I got excited. This app is called the Oneonta HUB and it’s making it easier for me to stuff junk food into my face. It also just has so many other tools for exploring Oneonta and making the most of your time.

oneonta hub                        Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.17.11 AM

Basically, Sweet Home Productions has a traditional sounding name with seriously progressive values and ideas. Why fight the technological revolution when you can help bring local businesses into the light?

Just today a woman and her husband came in for their antique shop that they’ve owned for fifty years or so, looking to “bring their store more into the 21st century” because they didn’t even have a website for it. It’s kind of inspiring to see people be able to do more for their businesses instead of them just falling by the wayside. There’s no reason why technology has to be the enemy of “traditional small businesses” when it can bolster them instead and make them more available and more appealing to the changing culture. It’s like we’re bringing them into the future.

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